Review of "Der Wolf & Struct"

Review of The Wolf and Struct by Vassilis Papavassiliou
Review of The Wolf and Struct by Vassilis Papavassiliou

Vassilis Papavassiliou about the new composition of Claus Freudenstein.

von Gilgenreiner

"... The aesthetics of the publication are excellent and the layout well thought, allowing many options to the player, solo or orchestra tuning,with or without accompaniment.

The cover picture is that of a wolf, betraying the qualities of the noble beast. Grace and ferocity, all at the same time. This actually is also the dual character of the piece.The well balanced structure of the composition leads the musician from the simple, but still majestic first subject all the way up to a climactic middle section, landing then back to a more compact presentation of the initial idea.

A student level piece of music that hides a multitude of qualities inside it, enabling even the most advanced soloist to present a composition of great vigor and I dare to say of cinematic qualities."The Wolf" is here to stay.“

Vassilis Papavassiliou
Principial double bass player, Opera Athens


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